LST – The Correct Way To Approach Addiction Treatment

Learning Sobriety Together (LST) is the umbrella term that is now used to capture not only Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) for alcoholism and substance abuse, but also all of its variations. Thus, LST subsumes all of the different elements and themes that are part of family- and partner-involved therapies, founded upon the principles of BCT, used to treat alcoholism and substance abuse. LST/BCT is among the most empirically supported treatments for alcoholism and other drug abuse; studies spanning three decades have demonstrated its broad and robust efficacy in multiple domains of functioning, including:

  • reduced drinking and drug use
  • improved dyadic adjustment
  • reduced levels of domestic violence
  • improved psychosocial functioning of children

Given these powerful findings, LST/BCT should be the treatment of choice for married or cohabiting substance-abusing patients. To meet this end, however, information about LST/BCT must be more widely disseminated. Thus, it is incumbent on research groups who have been working in this area to put the tools of LST/BCT into the hands of those who can make the most use of them; namely, treatment programs and providers who work with substance-abusing patients and their family members.

What you can find on the website

AFRGThis website includes general information about the BCT/LST approach and the Addiction and Family Research Group (AFRG). In different sections of the web page, you will find our group’s mission statement, BCT/LST treatment manuals, BCT/LST training resources, downloadable publications, citations, frequently asked questions, and so forth. This web page is part of our ongoing effort to bridge the gap between science and practice by using our accumulated research findings (from years of large scale federally-funded clinical trials) to inform, guide, and make recommendations about clinical practice. As such, we hope to provide the tools necessary for treatment programs and providers to introduce and use BCT/LST with their substance-abusing patients and their family members.

We can and we will help you

We have created Addiction and Family so we could help addicts that seek assistance in getting clean. The secret is the system we use to unravel all the causes that lead to addiction and solve them with the help of the patient. Helping the patient go through withdrawal process is also something we do thanks to the system.