Addiction – A Plague That Destroys The Society

Considering addiction as anything but a disease is wrong. It is a disease that finds its way into the community and kills it slowly, an individual at a time. The biggest problem with this disease is that it doesn’t come from one source, but a myriad of sources. It’s safe to say that every addict is a unique case and it has to be approached with a different mindset. This presents a huge issue as the number of addicts that require rehabilitation is increasing every second.

A lot of research has been poured into finding an easy way to process the addict and to return them to the society. The goal is never to see them again. But the capitalistic side of the business sees organizations releasing addicts into the world even though they are not ready for that. A lot of said research looks for answers that would ensure that no addict goes back to their bad habits once they go through the rehabilitation process.

Addiction – A subject worth researching

Addiction-lifeThe addiction has to be at the center of the focus of the research because it represents a considerable threat to the advancement of the society. It lures people away from successful careers and satisfying lives by false promises. This is why research has to unravel all details that surround the addiction and try to come up with conclusions and solution that will make addiction treatment a bit easier than it is.

One research dabbled into the question of whether the willpower has any effect on resisting a drug or alcohol. The answer is no, and willpower has but a small impact on the individual’s ability to resist temptation. Drugs and alcohol give an individual a sense of enjoyment both on the physical and psychological level. Prolonged use of either of them will create a craving for the same.

In some cases, the craving is purely mental as the mind wants to return to the state of high (being drunk is included). In the worst cases, the addiction is physical. This means that the body craves for the drug. If it doesn’t get it, then the addict experienced everything from mild discomfort to excruciating pain. The sheer willpower isn’t enough to resist the temptation as it represents the easiest way to relieve the pain. That is why research has to make progress in dealing with addiction in a way that would make it easier for addicts to throw away the drugs and alcohol and live a life free of any dependencies.