Suboxone – Controversial but Apparently Effective

A study recently completed by Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital found that patients who are addicted to prescription opiate painkillers have a better chance of treatment success if they take a drug called Suboxone. Despite the positive results of the study, the use of Suboxone for treatment of opiate drugs is controversial.( Find out what suboxone detox is like).
The study involved 653 people who were addicted to prescription painkillers and who were treated with Suboxone, which is a mixture of buprenorphine and nalaxone. This was
the first large-scale clinical trial that tested different treatment options for the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. The study focused on the abuse of prescription opioid drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet rather than illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Suboxone helps treat opioid addiction by mirroring many of the effects of

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Unbelievable Statistic about 1 Doctor in Florida

As we brace ourselves for the next wave of prescription drugs that are hitting the market (OxyNEO, TD Hydrocodone or Zohydro, and others), we would like to bring some attention to one key player in the prescription addiction and overdose epidemic: the irresponsible doctor.

Doctors play a part in helping the addictive drugs get to the streets and into the hands of addicted users.

Most doctors are guilty of ignorance of the drugs’ addictive nature when they prescribe.  As bad as this is, the doctors that are really reprehensible are the ones that prescribe narcotics irresponsibly and do it for the motive of profit.

Unbelievable Statistic

Florida has long been known to be “ground zero” for the Oxy epidemic.  Lax regulation has created an industry of reprehsible doctors filling prescriptions recklessly for profit.

One “doctor” named Riyaz Jummani actually prescribed

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Film Documents the Tragedy of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Jeff Shimkus, a Fire Department Captain in Anaheim, California, recently sat down with filmmakers to discuss his 19-year-old son Sam.  A college student, athlete and Special Education Instructional Aide, Sam died in January of 2010 from a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.  The coroner ruled that his accidental overdose death was caused by mixing booze and Opana (a painkiller), Soma (a muscle relaxant) and Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug).  Although Jeff Shimkus had responded to many emergency calls related to drug overdoses while on the job, he was unable to save his son from suffering the same fate.

Behind the Orange Curtain Trailer:
The story of Sam Shimkus, described by his father as a good kid who made a bad choice, will be part of a feature-length documentary entitled “Behind the Orange Curtain.”  The purpose of the film, which …

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Dedicated to OxyNEO Drug Awareness

OxyNEO Drug Rehab is here to bring awareness to the phenomenon of prescription drug addiction and overdose.

We are a group of addictions industry professionals who feel that the spectre of OxyContin will not be alleviated by the new formulation called OxyNEO.  Purdue Pharma has already released a “tamper proof” version of the drug OxyContin and  this has not really alleviated the “silent epidemic” of opiate addiction that OxyContin has become the poster child for.  To be fair, both tamper proof OxyContin and (most likely) OxyNEO are steps in the right direction and we appreciate that Purdue Pharma is addressing the issue (even if their executives are facing prison sentences for the unethical promotion of OxyContin which began in 1996).

A Very Serious Epidemic of Addiction and Overdose

OxyContin and OxyNEO are only part of a larger problem.  This is …

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