OxyContin – The Epidemic Continues

“Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels, with more than 7 million people using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons every month,”this is the statement of Timothy J. Landrum, special agent in charge for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Why has this become such a problem? The poster child for this phenomenon is OxyContin.  OxyContin is a medication  prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe (and chronic pain), but pharmacologically shockingly similar to heroin. It is no wonder it’s so appealing to drug abusers, especially since can be obtained by prescription and can be covered by insurance.

Authorities are becoming increasingly alarmed by the huge number of people abusing and getting addicted to prescription drugs. In just the first week of October, ten people, including two doctors, were arrested in a Los Angeles OxyContin case. “[They were] drug dealers who …

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