New Drugs Same Old Problem – OxyNEO Zohydro Oxecta Etc

There is a lot of controversy brewing about the new drugs that are coming to market.

“Tamper Proof” OxyContin

An example is “harder to abuse” drugs: like OxyNEO. The question is, how “hard to abuse” are they? There are critics who point out that the drug’s manufacturer Purdue Pharma doesn’t make that claim in official documents. Additionally

“The terms ‘tamper-proof’ and ‘break-proof’ are not claims which have been approved by Health Canada,” admits Randy Steffan who is vice president of corporate affairs at Purdue Pharma.

Pfizer has joined the “profit (off of addictive drugs) party” with its Oxecta drug, which is made from the highly addictive ingredient in OxyContin called oxycodone. It is purported to be difficult to

“Pure” Hydrocodone (or Vicodin)

In a move that baffles the sense of corporate responsibility, there are multiple drug manufacturers planning
to release …

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Washington State Tightens Doctor Access to Prescription Painkillers

Lawmakers in the state of Washington are using aggressive measures to stem the tide of prescription drug abuse. A new regulation requires doctors to refer patients who are taking high levels of prescription painkillers to a pain specialist if their condition shows no signs of improvement. The painkillers that the regulation pertains to include hydrocodone, methadone, fentanyl and oxycodone (the active ingredient in OxyContin). All of these drugs, which are classified as opioids, are subject to abuse, dependence and addiction.

Opioid painkillers are currently the most widely prescribed category of drugs in the U.S. Over the past decade, doctors have increase the number of prescriptions for these drugs by more than 400% despite limited evidence of their effectiveness in treating chronic pain versus the risk of dependence and overdose.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged doctors to …

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Trends in Opiate Addiction Treatment

In the past decade opiate addiction has skyrocketed across the United States, with little progress in deterrence, in spite of stepped-up efforts in law enforcement. The rampant abuse of opiate based drugs (like OxyContin, Opana, Vicodin etc) is largely to blame as many young people who experiment with these drugs find themselves hooked and seeking much cheaper (and easier to acquire) heroin to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Upscale communities coast to coast have been shaken by the rash of heroin abuse in social groups of every economic status. In particular, Orange County, California, has had its share of drug offenders, but it was mostly believed that heroin (and other “hard” drugs) would never be a real problem there, at least in comparison to the epidemic facing it’s neighboring Los Angeles. According to a sheriff’s deputy from Orange County, a high …

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