Prescription Pads – Better than The Drugs for Most Abusers

Just how out of control has prescription drug fraud become?

There has always been concern for prescription drug fraud, but as a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle points out, prescription drug fraud is reaching new heights. It seems that the pads used by physicians to write prescriptions are now being used to facilitate prescription drug abuse. The article goes on to say that a large number of unsigned pads were discovered in a San Fernando Valley medical facility. The investigators who found the misappropriated pads indicated that this was part of an alleged Medicare scam.

Other similar cases, according to the San Francisco Chronicle article include a recent incident in Riverside, California. In this particular case, illegally acquired pads from several doctors were used to obtain Oxycotin as well as Vicodin. It is important to note that drugs …

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Canadian Health Experts Skeptical about New OxyContin Formula

Nearly three months have passed since OxyContin was withdrawn from sale in Canada and replaced by a new formulation called OxyNEO. According to drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma, OxyNEO is harder to abuse because it transforms into a gel when combined with liquid and is impossible to draw into a syringe. It is also more difficult to crush and inhale.

While it’s still early to judge the effects of this change, it appears that many Canadian addicts are attempting to adapt. On websites and in online forums, OxyContin abusers are posting recipes for breaking down OxyNEO. Health officials are discouraging these attempts since the effects of injecting the gel-like formulation are unknown.
Police in Ottawa have reported that more people are abusing fentanyl as the underground supply of OxyContin dries up. Like OxyContin and OxyNEO,
Fentanyl contains oxycodone. It is prescribed …

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