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One of Many Overdose Deaths

Tyler Macleod was a young man that was well-liked by everyone and had a full life ahead of him. Unfortunately, will never have the future he deserves thanks to an addiction to heroin that took his life.

Everyone wanted to be Tyler’s friend, he was fun loving and loved the beaches and surfing. During adolescence, Tyler started experiencing symptoms of depression and began smoking marijuana. His parents tried to help him by transferring him to a new school but that did not keep the addiction from growing.

After receiving a phone call from a school counselor that informed his parents that he was using harder drugs, Tyler’s parents took him to drug rehab program and made him attend narcotics anonymous meetings daily. This helped for a while but soon his parents started to find foil and needles which made them …

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Doctors Prescribing Opioids Facing Double Edged Sword

Though it may seem surprising to some, it turns out most doctors dealing with prescription dependent patients are at some level aware of their patient’s addiction problems and prescription abuse.

Ana Lembke, a California addiction psychiatrist, specifically cites an example of opioid prescriptions meant to address muscle pain being overused by a patient to the tune of 1,200 pills in one month. CURES, Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System, was put in place in California to monitor patient prescriptions and deter these kinds of abuses. However, as Lembke explains, doctors often face a choice between being morally irresponsible in giving addicted patients opioid prescriptions and being medically irresponsible in not providing adequate treatment for a potentially real physical pain being suffered by the patient. 

The problem is further compounded by increased media attention on this growing problem and the …

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