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Pennsylvania Center Helps Addicted Moms With Babies

In Pennsylvania, public health officials have been working to stabilize the opioid crisis. Like many places, addicted persons fell through the cracks a bit when the COVID-19 epidemic hit. In Pittsburgh, doctors and nurses have seen the silent addiction epidemic’s untold stories growing alongside the COVID-1p pandemic. Now, a hospital has a new center in their hospital for addicted moms and their babies to bond.

The Pregnancy Recovery Center

Since 2014, doctors, nurses, and social workers have been on the job at the University of UPMC-Mcgee Women’s Hospital helping addicted moms (both sober and trying to be) find the resources and support they need to be the best moms and self they can be.

While few people are aware of the service, clients say it is a lifeline. In other hospitals, there are many stigmas attached to addiction, and it …

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