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Appalachian Highlands Program Helps Moms, Families Recover

For moms with addiction, taking care of themselves isn’t their only responsibility. It’s hard for a mother who is pregnant, nursing, or simply caring for children to take the time to get the help they need to thrive themselves. Family life can be chaotic and busy, but addiction doesn’t care – it’s still dangerous. A new program run by Ballad Health, serving the Appalachian Highlands, has created a model to help mothers and children and mothers-to-be recover without splitting the family up. Women in the Appalachian Highlands will now have access to addiction treatment and health that was once much harder to get.

Appalachian Highlands Program For Families

The program Ballad Health provides focuses mostly on mothers and mothers-to-be with children. Some of these women are mothers-to-be, while others juggle work and parenting tasks in addition to trying to manage …

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