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Maine Prisons Expand Medication-Assisted Treatment

In 2019, Maine’s prison system started a pilot program to help prisoners dealing with opioid use disorder. The prisoners received medication that helped them reduce their cravings. Alongside 12-step programs, this helped them stay sober both in and out of prison.

Maine’s Addiction Epidemic

In January 2021, more people died from opioid overdoses than any given month in 2020, starting the state with a stark reminder that the pandemic is causing other public health crises to explode. Maine has lost thousands of lives to drug addiction in the past ten years.

While previously, it appeared the addiction epidemic was on a downswing, the pandemic has caused a new rash of overdoses. In October of 2020, Maine’s Attorney General released figures showing that overdose deaths were climbing during the pandemic. Many overdoses can now be attributed to fentanyl, and most were …

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