OxyNEO is the latest formulation of OxyContin which is being phased in as a replacement beginning in 2012.

OxyNEO’s is an extremely potent prescription painkiller with the active ingredient oxycodone.

Other drugs that contain oxycodone include:

  • percocet
  • percodan
  • roxicet
  • roxicodone

and these are the types of medications sought out by women and men who have become ensnared in the clutches of drug addiction.

OxyNEO is Addictive – Starting at First Use

The active ingredient oxycodone provides the same sensation as heroin.  Patient who are legitimately prescribed OxyNEO run a high risk of addiction and users who experiment with the drug recreationally are also putting themselves in a dangerous situation.  A euphoric drug like OxyNEO instantly makes changes to the brain chemistry that will cause many to crave repeated usage of the drug.  Some individuals are a much higher risk than others for addiction (due to environment and genetics), but extreme caution should always be used in the consumption of opiate medications like OxyNEO.

The mission of this website is to track the development of OxyNEO and spread awareness about its potential for abuse.  One of the main areas that we are focused on is bringing more awarenss to medical doctors themselves so that they may prescribe painkillers with the proper safeguards and warnings in place.

For an alarming look at the reality of prescription drug and/or opiate abuse, read about: the bad news for opiate medication use.

Irresponsible Policy has Led to Addiction Epidemic

Purdue Pharma are the makers of OxyNEO, and they play one of the lead roles in the prescription drug addiction epidemic that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands in the United States alone (and ruined the quality of lives for many more).

Purdue Pharma has been guilty of reprehensible practices in the release and marketing of OxyContin.  Purdue Pharma has been prosecuted for

  • encouraging more frequent dosing than the FDA approved 12 hour interval
  • not disclosing how euphoric and addictive OxyContin is

Purdue pharma has been fined many millions of dollars and 3 top Purdue executives have been criminally prosecuted for these types of offenses, yet they still are making great profits for the addictive drugs they create.

Oxycontin is the poster child for the prescription drug addiction (and overdose) epidemic, but Purdue Pharma are hardly the only player.  There is a drastic need to bring awareness and change that starts in the living rooms with families and goes all the way up to the FDA and the highest echelons of government.



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