OxyNEO Drug Rehab is here to bring awareness to the phenomenon of prescription drug addiction and overdose.

We are a group of addictions industry professionals who feel that the spectre of OxyContin will not be alleviated by the new formulation called OxyNEO.  Purdue Pharma has already released a “tamper proof” version of the drug OxyContin and  this has not really alleviated the “silent epidemic” of opiate addiction that OxyContin has become the poster child for.  To be fair, both tamper proof OxyContin and (most likely) OxyNEO are steps in the right direction and we appreciate that Purdue Pharma is addressing the issue (even if their executives are facing prison sentences for the unethical promotion of OxyContin which began in 1996).

A Very Serious Epidemic of Addiction and Overdose

OxyContin and OxyNEO are only part of a larger problem.  This is a problem that has radically affected millions of lives across all social strata in the United States (and certainly beyond).  The problem is that prescription drugs like OxyNEO are extremely addictive.  Compounding the problem is that addiction and it’s treatment is still not properly understood or addressed by most physicians.

Not only does the medical industry not understand or properly screen for  drug addiction, there is also a very profitable component to the proliferation of drugs like OxyNEO.  This makes entities like the FDA become partners in crime to the prescription drug manufacturers and the medical field at large. The result has been an onslaught of unsuspecting opiate medication addicts.

How Drug Cartels and the Taliban Benefit

A huge beneficiary of this phenomenon are the makers and proliferators of heroin which is the inevitable destination for the desperately sick opiate addict who can no longer procure expensive prescription drugs.   Heroin  provides the same high at a fraction of the price of opioid medications and the result is large sums of money in the pockets of dealers and Opium producers.  Two major networks that have benefitted are Mexican cartels (responsible for 50,000 violent deaths since 2006) and the Taliban (whose poppy operations are l

Not Just the Addicted Individual’s Life is Ruined

Both through legal prescription and illegal recreational use, narcotic painkillers have been a catalyst for so many people to descend into a world of addiction and often end up incarcerated, dead, or hopelessly shattered.

Everyone who cares about the addiction ensnared individual is negatively affected.  Not only are entire families destroyed by a member dying (or being permanently debilitated), in some cases entire communities are deeply affected by a chain reaction of opiate abuse.

Getting Help and Our Ideas for a Solution

If you or someone you care about is struggling with opiate addiction – get help now. We cannot stress enough the importance of not waiting.  Opiate abuse is potentially deadly at every use.  One more use can be the fatal.  Use the resources on this site to seek help for addiction.

Our ideas for a solution to the opiate medication epidemic will also be included on the top menu.  We look forward to reading the thoughts of contributors and will continuously update these.

Thank you for visiting our website and please spread the word.

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