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93-Year-Old Volunteers For Harm Reduction

Betty Dieckmann, a 93-year-old woman in North Carolina, spends her days donating her time to harm reduction. Named as “Person of the Week” by a local news station, she spends much of her time at the Western North Carolina AIDS Project office in Franklin.

Volunteering to Boost Harm Reduction

When “Ms. Betty” arrives for her volunteer shifts, she sits down and spends hours stuffing pouches with cotton balls that act as filters for people who inject drugs. Harm-reduction supplies such as clean needles, cotton balls, and alcohol have become an essential part of addressing the opioid epidemic.

The harm reduction kits are available even amid a pandemic. Besides providing clean needles, users are also given a dose of naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal drug.  The kits also aim to help lower the risks of HIV or hepatitis C, ultimately …

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