A Look at The Prescription Addiction Epidemic

Whereas most  forms of drug abuse begin with friends at a party, prescription drug abuse often starts in the home. Over seven million Americans misuse prescription drugs every day. Misuse often starts easily enough, perhaps taking a parent or friend’s leftover painkiller. However, occasional misuse can develop into addiction.

According to the Mayo Clinic, opioid painkiller abuse can cause:
• slowed breathing

• the risk of stopping breathing

• coma

• death

Stimulant medications can cause:

• seizures

• hallucinations

• strokes

A False Perception of  Narcotic Medication “Safety”

One of the main problems is that people believe that prescriptions and over the counter drugs are safer to use than illegal drugs. Actually, prescription drugs are extremely dangerous – particularly if taken in large doses or with other drugs or alcohol.  Also, as with any consciousness-altering substance, prescription drugs can …

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