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Popular Anti-Anxiety Meds Are Highly Addictive

Millions of teenagers and adults take anti-anxiety medications like Klonopin, Ativan, Librium, or Xanax to help them with anxiety. Psychiatrists have prescribed them to people for years to help them with crippling anxiety or panic attacks. However, the FDA has only now admitted that there is a dark side to benzodiazepines. Anti-anxiety medications, it turns out, can be highly addictive.

Benzos: Popular Anti-Anxiety Meds

Benzodiazepines are drugs that have been used for decades. Medications like Xanax are used for anxiety, sleep troubles, and various types of anxiety disorders. There are also medical uses for some benzos, such as muscle relaxation for TMJ people and help with seizure disorders.

Black Box Warnings for Benzos

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration has created a black box warning that must outline the risks of benzodiazepines on every bottle. The …

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Fentanyl Testing Kits Reduce Harm in MA

Fentanyl testing kits are being distributed through police departments across Massachusetts to help opioid users make better decisions about their drug use and avoid an overdose.

People who have an opioid use disorder often say they started by using prescription pain medication such as Oxycontin. People who begin with pills end up needing more and more of the same drug to get high. Eventually, the prescription pad dries up, and a doctor managing pain medication may flag a person for suspected opioid misuse. This often makes people turn to the street for their prescription pills, without ever realizing the drug they take also has a deadly dose of fentanyl in it, which can lead to overdose deaths. Many people who once used pills switch to heroin as well.

Harm Reduction Through Fentanyl Testing

In Boston and other cities, a newly

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Dr. Phil’s Addicted Guests Allegedly Exploited
Dr. Phil at the 1st Annual Merv Griffen/Beverly Hills Country Club Celebrity Tennis Classic to benefit ChildHelp USA, Beverly Hills Country Club, Beverly Hills, CA 09-21-02
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Dr. Phil’s Addicted Guests Allegedly Exploited

A little over a week ago, revelations that Dr. Phil exploited people with addiction disorders made its way all over the news, shocking addiction recovery advocates and dismaying many of the treatment centers and interventionists he frequently works with when staging interventions.

Several guests appearing on Phil McGraw’s talk show told of temptation in their green rooms, and drug offerings such as pills that “calm nerves,” casting doubt on his good intentions.

Guests that have appeared on his show are often left without a support system in place as they wait for their turn on the recorded show. For some, this means they are required to “detox” alone in a hotel room, without medical intervention, for up to 48 hours. By the time they arrive at the studio, many of them are physically and emotionally exhausted.

Experts say that this …

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