Prescription Drugs are becoming easier to get:

Prescription drugs are everywhere these days, and they’re becoming easier and easier to get. In 2008 there was a staggering 20,044 cases of death from prescription overdose. Of those numbers, 14,800 were from narcotic painkillers.

Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, says that the majority of people who die from prescription overdoses haven’t taken their own prescriptions. These victims of the prescription drug epidemic may have gotten the drug any number of ways – they may have found them in the medicine cabinet at home, or they could have acquired them from a friend or family member.

Educating Doctors about the Dangers of Prescription Drugs is a Must

Doctors are also partially to blame as they have been known to hand out prescriptions more easily in recent years. Most doctors are actually interested in their patients’ well being …

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