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Maine Prisons Expand Medication-Assisted Treatment

In 2019, Maine’s prison system started a pilot program to help prisoners dealing with opioid use disorder. The prisoners received medication that helped them reduce their cravings. Alongside 12-step programs, this helped them stay sober both in and out of prison.

Maine’s Addiction Epidemic

In January 2021, more people died from opioid overdoses than any given month in 2020, starting the state with a stark reminder that the pandemic is causing other public health crises to explode. Maine has lost thousands of lives to drug addiction in the past ten years.

While previously, it appeared the addiction epidemic was on a downswing, the pandemic has caused a new rash of overdoses. In October of 2020, Maine’s Attorney General released figures showing that overdose deaths were climbing during the pandemic. Many overdoses can now be attributed to fentanyl, and most were …

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Hydromorph Contin Causing Heart Damage, Infections

Four years ago, the Ontario government decided to ban the use of Oxycontin, hoping to stop the pattern of increased opioid addiction in the province. Unfortunately, like every place banning Oxy, the medical profession needed another drug to take its place. Today, it appears that the drug most used is Hydromorph Contin. And now doctors say it’s causing deadly heart infections.

What is Hydromorph Contin?

Hydromorphone Contin is chemically similar to Oxycontin, but it’s meant to be harder to abuse, and it’s formulated mostly for people experiencing severe, acute pain such as those from accidents like car crashes or cancer. The drugs itself was designed to deter abuse and prevent injection by turning into a thick, gel-like substance when exposed to water.

How Are People Getting Hurt?

Unfortunately, if there is a will, there’s a way, especially when it …

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Addiction Treatment Under AHCA

Five hundred thousand Americans have died from opioid addiction in the last 15 years According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The amount of deaths is four times that of the previous fifteen years. This an American crisis of addiction to opioids and the problem is only getting worse.  Because of this increase in use of opioids the issue has made it’s way into the forefront of American policy.

Financial Dilemma

Meanwhile, with the growing number of addicts, the availability of resources for recovery become less attainable and more costly. This creates a new financial dilemma that is hanging over the heads of the addicts in our communities and puts  pressure onto the policy makers in government.

Lack of Coverage

The severity of these issues then brings into question the Trump Era’s health care policies and his …

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An Inside Look at Prescription Drug Abuse

The economic conditions over the past few years have caused a high level of financial and emotional stress for millions of people. In order to cope with this increased level of stress, many people have self medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs.

Although adult alcohol abuse has been a common problem in this country for a long time, the number of people abusing prescription drugs really started increasing in the last several years. In the state of California for example, prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels.

The fallout has included police raids involving hundreds of large illegal prescription drug operations. One particular raid that involved a medical clinic in west Los Angeles, resulted in the recovery of thousands of prescription pills and evidence of over twenty three million dollars of fraudulent sales.

Prevention (of the Addiction) is the Best

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Editorial – Doctor’s Roles in Prescription Drug Addiction

Everyone knows that heroin, coke, meth and other street drugs are dangerous and potentially-fatal. But what about prescription drugs? To the average person, prescription drugs tend to be overlooked as a major danger because they are both legal and approved by doctors. But what happens when doctors, influenced by greed, or celebrity or power, allow themselves to give prescription drugs to those who do not need them?

Although most doctors choose their profession because they want to help people, not all doctors are motivated by altruistic interests. There are those doctors who are more interested in lining their pockets than they are in curing people.

Although it’s too often used as an example, we can’t help but look at the death of musician Michael Jackson. Just seeing the amount of prescribed medications he was on is staggering. According to a …

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