Mexican Drug Cartels Now Trafficking Prescription Painkillers

Mexican drug cartels have depended on sales of illicit drugs like cocaine, marijuana and heroin for their profits. According to federal authorities, an increasing number of Mexican drug traffickers are now dealing
in prescription drugs. These traffickers are forming “Pharma-Cartels” and focusing on selling highly addictive prescription painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin to customers in the U.S.

The cartels are diverting prescription painkillers from hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices in the U.S. and selling them on pharmacy websites and in pain clinics and pharmacies in Mexican border towns. Drugs that are sold by the cartels over the Internet are advertised on Twitter and with popup ads. Some cartels are
also creating counterfeit pills, often in unsanitary makeshift labs in rundown apartments.

NBC San Diego recently reported that the U.S. Attorney’s office has brought charges against more than 25 suspected prescription …

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Prescription Pads – Better than The Drugs for Most Abusers

Just how out of control has prescription drug fraud become?

There has always been concern for prescription drug fraud, but as a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle points out, prescription drug fraud is reaching new heights. It seems that the pads used by physicians to write prescriptions are now being used to facilitate prescription drug abuse. The article goes on to say that a large number of unsigned pads were discovered in a San Fernando Valley medical facility. The investigators who found the misappropriated pads indicated that this was part of an alleged Medicare scam.

Other similar cases, according to the San Francisco Chronicle article include a recent incident in Riverside, California. In this particular case, illegally acquired pads from several doctors were used to obtain Oxycotin as well as Vicodin. It is important to note that drugs …

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ER Doctors Pressured to Provide Opiates for Toothaches

The New York Times recently reported on an emergency room doctor in South Carolina who is wary of patients who complain of toothaches. Dr. Bruce Lobitz fears that the majority of these patients are using tooth pain as an excuse to get prescriptions for opiate painkillers like OxyContin, OxyNEO, or Vicodin. His fears are well founded – almost all the dental patients he sees request a painkiller prescription to “tide them over” until they can get to a dentist. Some of the even go so far as to claim they are allergic to all drugs except Vicodin. In these cases it is hard to deny a vicodin addiction is at the root of the issue.

It’s common for people who are without medical insurance to visit the ER when facing a health crisis. In many states, adult dental benefits available …

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