Since it is our mission to bring awareness to the OxyNEO addiction phenomenon (which is part of the larger prescription drug addiction epidemic), we wanted to give you some links to OxyNEO videos that would inform and inspire:

Overtaken Video:
This video is very powerful and really brings home the destructive nature of prescription pill addiction and how it can ensnare unsuspecting young people.

 Heroin Hits Home Video: What does heroin have to do with OxyNEO? A LOT.  The sensation that abusing drugs like OxyNEO provides is essentially the same as heroin.  When the user is hooked on prescription drugs like OxyNEO and they are too difficult or expensive to procure, then the next logical thing they will do is use heroin to stave off the crippling withdrawals.

The OxyContin Express Video: This excellent video is a stark reminder of the destructive nature of addictive drugs like OxyContin (OxyNEO’s precursor) and how an entire interstate smuggling industry can spring up around poorly conceived and enforced prescription medication policy in Florida.

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