OxyNEO and other prescription drugs (like Opana, OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax, etc) are extremely habit forming. The drugs can create a “heroin like” sense of euphoria and the user’s brain chemistry can quickly alter to cause them to feel utterly dependent on the drug for a sense of well being.

If used long enough, physical addiction can accompany the mental addiction, and with each passing use, the recovery process becomes more difficult, longer, and more painful.

Potentially Deadly In Every Use

Do not wait another second to begin the process of seeking help if you or someone you care about is using narcotic medications.   We have learned so very painfully what can happen if you “hope the problem goes away.” That’s not how addiction works – it typically progresses as a result of tolerance and increased dependence.

When is it Time to Worry?

Denial is part of the addiction phenomenon – and not just in the drug user.  Entire families will often create elaborate rituals around ignoring the drug addiction and protecting the user from the consequences of their use.

We so often hear “I am not addicted and can stop at any time” but we’ve never heard “hmm, maybe intervening on this person and confronting them on their drug use and/or getting them professional help for substance addiction was not a good idea.”

Simple benchmarks to use to know if there’s a problem:

  • the person continues seeking the drug after the prescription period should be over
  • the person takes larger than prescribed dose
  • the person sees more than one doctor (“doctor shopping”)
  • the person exaggerates symptoms and pain to get more medication (“drug seeking behavior”)

There are many other symptoms and diagnostic tools that an addiction professional can help you with.

Getting Help with OxyNEO Drug Addiction

Here are some resource on getting help with OxyNEO addiction (or any type of drug/alcohol addiction):

American Addiction Foundation – A government website that is a very robust directory with a vast number of listings in every part of the United Dates.

National Institute on Drug Abuse – Another government website with a lot of information about drugs of abuse and how to get help.

Addiction-Programs.net – This site is one that we watch for news of the growing prescription drug epidemic and to also has a great network of treatment centers listed to search for help in your area.




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