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A Mom’s Mission to Help Families With Addiction

Lisa Gray’s 24-year-old son, Jordan, died from an overdose in 2018. She found her son in a van outside her home. At that moment, she promised her son she would continue to fight for help for people battling addiction because it’s a disease that’s claiming so many young lives. As a mom, she feels her purpose now is to educate families.

Fighting the Stigma

She wants families to know that addiction is a disease, and there is treatment available. Sometimes it can be hard to find the resources you need because in many areas they are scarce.

Her organization, A Promise to Jordan, is dedicated to her son. The website links families to important resources to get the help they need. Education, she says, is an important piece of the struggle. People in Connecticut can learn more about the …

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Appalachian Highlands Program Helps Moms, Families Recover

For moms with addiction, taking care of themselves isn’t their only responsibility. It’s hard for a mother who is pregnant, nursing, or simply caring for children to take the time to get the help they need to thrive themselves. Family life can be chaotic and busy, but addiction doesn’t care – it’s still dangerous. A new program run by Ballad Health, serving the Appalachian Highlands, has created a model to help mothers and children and mothers-to-be recover without splitting the family up. Women in the Appalachian Highlands will now have access to addiction treatment and health that was once much harder to get.

Appalachian Highlands Program For Families

The program Ballad Health provides focuses mostly on mothers and mothers-to-be with children. Some of these women are mothers-to-be, while others juggle work and parenting tasks in addition to trying to manage …

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Pennsylvania Center Helps Addicted Moms With Babies

In Pennsylvania, public health officials have been working to stabilize the opioid crisis. Like many places, addicted persons fell through the cracks a bit when the COVID-19 epidemic hit. In Pittsburgh, doctors and nurses have seen the silent addiction epidemic’s untold stories growing alongside the COVID-1p pandemic. Now, a hospital has a new center in their hospital for addicted moms and their babies to bond.

The Pregnancy Recovery Center

Since 2014, doctors, nurses, and social workers have been on the job at the University of UPMC-Mcgee Women’s Hospital helping addicted moms (both sober and trying to be) find the resources and support they need to be the best moms and self they can be.

While few people are aware of the service, clients say it is a lifeline. In other hospitals, there are many stigmas attached to addiction, and it …

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Pandemic Drives Third Wave of Addiction Crisis

The pandemic has ushered in a new era of the opioid crisis, where people are relapsing or escalating their drug use. Addiction is costing more lives. Overdoses in some places have nearly doubled since last year, and there is no sense of the health crisis easing.

The Wall Street Journal published data suggesting that opioid deaths will greatly outnumber last year, which was also a record. In 2019, the United States recorded 72,000 deaths.

Opioid Use Disorder: Relapsing and Lacking Support

Many anecdotes of drug overdoses are about people who had been clean and sober for years. Feeling trapped and isolated, recovering addicts sometimes relapsed. However, they have no tolerance to drugs and maybe no reliable supplier. Addiction forces them to illicit drug deals with strangers. Many of the pills sold online and on the street also contain fentanyl, a …

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Sesame Street Offers Addiction Content


Sesame Street launched a new web series last week to help families, service providers and teachers help kids grapple with the issues of substance abuse and addiction.  The initiative, created by Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC), will help children “overcome the trauma of parental addiction.”

The content is aimed at therapists, first responders, community leaders, and others who work with children and families. Addiction is a common family problem that the series wants to destigmatize and teach people to

Sesame Street Offers Content For Kids on Addiction, Too

Not only is there content for family, but there are also special videos for kids. The activity sheets are great for families to do together with their young children. Other educational materials are age-appropriate are available in both English and Spanish.

Jerry Moe, the national director of the Hazelden Betty …

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SD Family Raises Money For Addiction Coaching


Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. After a pair of teens lost their father to alcoholism, they wanted to do something to honor his memory. Harrison, Kaitlin, and Lauren lost their 48-year-old father on his birthday, July 9, 2019. And now they are on a quest to pay for addiction coaching for other families struggling with addiction

Understanding Alcoholism

For the three teens, it took different experiences to understand their father was addicted to alcohol. For now 19-year-old Lauren, it was hard for her to understand that it was a disease until an intervention staged by her family when she was just fifteen.

“I think I thought when I was younger that he was choosing to drink over the family,” she told the Argus Leader. “Once he went through treatment for the first time, I …

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Perdue Pharma Will Profit From Medication-Assisted Treatment


Perdue Pharma makes Oxycontin, one of the most addictive prescription opioid drugs on the market. They’re a subject of many lawsuits and have been under Congressional investigation for their activities promoting opioid medications to doctors and other medical professionals. Many people say their company has made hundreds of millions of dollars fueling the addiction epidemic. However, the company has now started to dig into a new way to make money from the opioid epidemic. They’ve been quietly working to patent a new form of buprenorphine, a drug that is regularly used to help people get off of opioids.

What is Perdue’s New Addiction Medication?

In the recovery community, buprenorphine better known as a medication-assisted treatment when people take these drugs to stay clean. Perdue’s version is a “fast-acting” form of buprenorphine, which helps control drug cravings, according to …

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Lucemyra: FDA Approves New Medication-Assisted Treatment

Lucemyra has been on the market in the UK to assist with opioid withdrawal symptoms for about twenty years, but its use in the US has only just been approved. The FDA cleared the drug last Wednesday via fast-track to give American doctors another tool for fighting the opioid epidemic.

Lucemyra alone is not to be considered treatment for opioid use disorder, the FDA says. However, clinical trials prove that it can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms that patients experience when they cease opioid use completely. This can give a person with an opioid use disorder a lifeline to help them get clean once and for all. Combined with therapy, 12-step programs and other tools, Lucemyra can help people find their way to recovery without the torment of many withdrawal symptoms.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says that this …

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