We have covered in detail how multi faceted the problem of opiate drug addiction is. This deadly phenomenon is propagated  by a variety of  policies and attitudes that start in families’ homes and run all the way up to federal organizations (like the FDA).

We are going to use this section of our website to bring proposed solutions that we feel could make a difference in turning the tide of opioid abuse.

There are three main areas that we feel policies should be changed and new awareness should be implemented.

  • Family and Youth Education
  • Medical Industry
  • Federal and State Legislation

Family and Youth Education

What if it was mandatory for young people and their parents to view a documentary like Overtaken? How much impact would such wide exposure about the harsh realities of prescription pill addiction?

Medical Industry

It has been baffling to see how slowly the medical industry has adopted the now widely accepted classification of addiction as a disease.  Along with the largely outdated understanding of addiction comes a really irresponsible tendency to blindly prescribe narcotic medications.  What would happen if doctors were trained to:

a) properly screen for addiction r screening for addiction or education about the risks of dependency?

b) effectively educate patients about the risks that come with the medications they are being prescribed?

Federal and State Legislation

“Big Pharma” has basically had its way with the FDA and there has been some really controversial policy decisions that have allowed drug makers like Purdue Pharma to unleash drugs like OxyContin and OxyNEO on the public.

Also, the variation in state policy has created loopholes and led to the phenomenon of “interstate doctor shopping” giving rise to the OxyContin Express which is the designation for a freeway the runs across the south and into Florida – from where roughly 90% of the nations OxyContin is prescribed.

What if policy changes were implemented at the Federal and state level to help curb the availability of addictive medication like OxyNEO?

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