Unbelievable Statistic about 1 Doctor in Florida
He Also Has to Answer for the Patient's Real Pain

Unbelievable Statistic about 1 Doctor in Florida

As we brace ourselves for the next wave of prescription drugs that are hitting the market (OxyNEO, TD Hydrocodone or Zohydro, and others), we would like to bring some attention to one key player in the prescription addiction and overdose epidemic: the irresponsible doctor.

Here Come the Orlando DEA

Doctors play a part in helping the addictive drugs get to the streets and into the hands of addicted users.

Most doctors are guilty of ignorance of the drugs’ addictive nature when they prescribe.  As bad as this is, the doctors that are really reprehensible are the ones that prescribe narcotics irresponsibly and do it for the motive of profit.

Unbelievable Statistic

Florida has long been known to be “ground zero” for the Oxy epidemic.  Lax regulation has created an industry of reprehsible doctors filling prescriptions recklessly for profit.

One “doctor” named Riyaz Jummani actually prescribed more OxyContin in the first quarter of 2010 than the all doctors in the state of California combined.

Try to wrap your mind around that.  He’s in jail now, thankfully. The sting operation to his practice revealed that he was barely keeping up the appearance of being a “doctor” and his practice had no hand washing station, no hand sanitizer, and armed guards.

At least he had an office.  One doctor in California just met “patients” at a Starbucks to prescribe drugs.